Hello & Welcome!
Let's Start with some facts:
Jordan - 19 - IL & KY
Bellarmine University '19
Sophomore - Political Science

North Shore Proper started out as JDA914 in 2012 and has been a little bit of everything. Since January 2015, this blog is a place for me to share my thoughts on fashion, life, and everything in between. I spent the first 18 years of my life on Chicago's North Shore and can't wait to see what Louisville will bring me in the next four years!
The most important things in my life are my family, dog, and caffeine, all of which I frequently blog about.

When I'm not blogging, I love playing with my dog Whiskers, reading, watching Netflix (especially Legally Blonde), and organizing my Pinterest boards!

Here are some more facts and favorites to help you get to know me better:
Style Inspiration: Reese Witherspoon & Cameron Diaz
Favorite Time of Year: November/December
Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks and Kentucky Wildcats
Favorite Accessories: Pearl Earrings and my Claddagh Ring
Birthday: January 10th (Capricorn)
Music Preference: Alt Rock, Country, and Top 100

If you're a company or a reader wanting to contact me, e-mail me! NorthShoreProper@gmail.com

Find me here:

Twitter: Twitter.com/NorthShoreBlog
Tumblr: Freckled-Prep.Tumblr.com
Pinterest: pinterest.com/JordanDarcyA
Instagram: Instagram.com/NorthShoreProper

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