Wednesday, September 07, 2016

College Translations || What we say Vs. What we mean

I wrote this post last year sometime and never published it. I've only been back at school for a couple of weeks, but I already find myself thinking these things on a daily basis.
What is something you say vs. mean?

"Did you read?"
I didn't read

"I skimmed it"
 I didn't read

"Yeah, I studied for like 7 hours on Sunday"
I opened the book at noon and then watched 6 episodes of Grey's Anatomy

"I'm gonna stay in tonight"
I'm probably going out

"Yeah, we're friends"
I had a class with them first semester Freshman year

"Oh my gosh I love that professor!"
There were open book quizzes and they made a study guide.

"I think I did pretty well on the test"
I wrote a lot on the short answer, so I probably didn't fail

"I skipped class to study"
I slept through class

"I had a family emergency"
I slept through class

"No, she's not mad at you!"
She might be, but even if she is I wouldn't tell you

"I worked out this morning, I'm really tired"
No I don't want to hang out with you

"I LOVE working out!"
Sometimes I go to the gym during the men's basketball conditioning

"I'm gonna take a nap"
I'm going to watch Netflix and then not fall asleep

"Oh I know him"
I stalked him on social media last week

"What's your name again?"
I know your name, but I'm trying to get you to talk to me

"Hey, we should trade numbers so we can study together"
I may or may not ask you out next week

"It was pretty low key"
We got back to campus before 2AM

"Mom, I miss your cooking!"
Please send me a care package of Easy Mac and Cookies

"Hey Dad, How was your day?!"
I need money

"I'm on a diet"
They were serving fish nuggets so I didn't eat lunch today

"We should clean"
I'm acknowledging the fact that my side is a mess

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