Friday, August 12, 2016

College Packing Advice

Sorry for the little hiatus I took there, My family and I spent an extended weekend in Wisconsin last week, and Monday I woke up with a cold and allergies. Not exactly my favorite way to spend the last weeks of summer.

Today I'm going to be sharing some college packing tips! I move in a week from Sunday (eek!) and although I haven't really started packing, I obviously will start soon. Last year, even though I waited until the last minute to pack, I feel like I did a pretty good job. I think the major key is to put everything in a logical place. When packing at the last minute, it's easy to just start throwing things in plastic bins or garbage bags and sort it out when you get to school, but when you try and pack this way, you're more likely to forget stuff and you're much more disorganized.

+ Start with a packing list. Decide on sections Tops, pants, shoes, toiletries etc. and write out everything your plan on bringing (also make a list of things to purchase when you get there - larger items, mirrors, plants, etc.)

+ Reference your list as you pack. I actually color coded my packing list with highlighters. If something was going in a plastic bin it was yellow, clothing that hung in garbage bags purple etc. This way I could keep track of where everything was going, and I knew when everything was packed.

+ Listen to your parents. If your parents have ideas on how to pack, listen. My dad loves to think of innovative ways to store, pack, or organized things, so I let him pack the entire car. I wouldn't have been able to fit anything in if I had packed it. 

+ Less is more. Trust me when I say that I wish I had brought less to school last year. It's not that I what I brought was wrong, or wasn't useful, it was just that at times I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my room. I lived in a pretty large dorm room and had plenty of storage, but when it came to packing up to go back home, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that had amassed in my room.

+ Do your research. Get pictures of your dorm room, see what you have room for, try and figure out how you're going to configure the furniture (if it's movable) and talk to your future roomie. It's also helpful to read blog posts or go on Pinterest to see what you really do and don't need. See 5 Things I used the most my first week here.

+ Don't stress - too much. I would not recommend waiting until the day before you leave to pack (even though lets be honest, I'll probably do that this year again), but don't stress out too much about it! Worst comes to worse, you can always purchase things when you are at school, or online - Amazon Prime Student is the GOAT. You can even have your parents ship you stuff.

Good luck packing and moving in!

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