Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to College with Country Club Prep

Sorry for the radio silence over here for the last couple of weeks. I moved into my dorm last weekend and have been surprisingly busy since then! My friends and I are definitely trying to pack in some more summer fun before school gets too crazy. (the inevitable for me this year). Going forward, I would expect 2-4 blog posts per week, and hopefully one video a week.

Today I thought I would share some of my back to school essentials all from Country Club Prep. I am Bellarmine's campus ambassador to CCP and have been shopping there since my junior year of high school! I have a 21% off code to share with my readers if you want to shop too! Just e-mail me NorthShoreProper@gmail.com and I'll be sure to send you the code!

Koozie - Yeti - Stickers 1, 2

What are your back to school essentials? Comment down below and let me know!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sophomore Year Dorm Inspiration

Just prepare yourself for a lot of back to school themed posts coming up.

Going in to freshman year of college, my style was pretty preppy, and I was a little obsessed with Reese Witherspoon's Draper James decor, so my dorm had a lot of Navy, light blue, and floral prints in it. This year, I'm falling into a much more simple and plain style. I want my dorm this year to be mostly black and white, but still welcoming and inviting! I have a bunch of things that would go with this theme already from last year, like a ton of grey, silver, and gold decor. I may even re-use my navy comforter because I'm planning on lofting my bed!

Like I said, this year I really want to focus more on keeping things super simple. The "theme" I'm trying to stick to this year is pretty monochromatic and a little glam. As you can see in the collage above, the only color comes from a bright pink throw blanket. Lord only knows I don't need another blanket, but I plan on incorporating color through other decor pieces!

I really love this chair not only for the pattern, but also for the functionality. My mom really wanted me to have more seating in my dorm this year, and this is a pretty side chair that also lays flat. I like this or maybe a furry butterfly style chair.
I love this tapestry that I found from Society 6. They have literally every design on the planet for tapestries, or even pillows, prints etc. I love this Chanel quote, or this one, or this black and white option. They also have marble ones! They're available in multiple sizes too which is nice.

Near my desk and above my bed I plan on hanging these bulb style twinkle lights. They're selling fairly long strands at target right now, and I love using them in place of the harsh overhead lighting in dorms.

This shelf acts as storage for books, snacks, toiletries etc. but also as a surface to house my beloved Keurig, my pride and joy, my best friend. I'm just kidding (not really). I have some metallic frames that will look great on top as well. It's also super inexpensive, so if worst comes to worse, I can leave it at school, or pitch it after one year.

This gets me really excited to move in one week from today!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

College Packing Advice

Sorry for the little hiatus I took there, My family and I spent an extended weekend in Wisconsin last week, and Monday I woke up with a cold and allergies. Not exactly my favorite way to spend the last weeks of summer.

Today I'm going to be sharing some college packing tips! I move in a week from Sunday (eek!) and although I haven't really started packing, I obviously will start soon. Last year, even though I waited until the last minute to pack, I feel like I did a pretty good job. I think the major key is to put everything in a logical place. When packing at the last minute, it's easy to just start throwing things in plastic bins or garbage bags and sort it out when you get to school, but when you try and pack this way, you're more likely to forget stuff and you're much more disorganized.

+ Start with a packing list. Decide on sections Tops, pants, shoes, toiletries etc. and write out everything your plan on bringing (also make a list of things to purchase when you get there - larger items, mirrors, plants, etc.)

+ Reference your list as you pack. I actually color coded my packing list with highlighters. If something was going in a plastic bin it was yellow, clothing that hung in garbage bags purple etc. This way I could keep track of where everything was going, and I knew when everything was packed.

+ Listen to your parents. If your parents have ideas on how to pack, listen. My dad loves to think of innovative ways to store, pack, or organized things, so I let him pack the entire car. I wouldn't have been able to fit anything in if I had packed it. 

+ Less is more. Trust me when I say that I wish I had brought less to school last year. It's not that I what I brought was wrong, or wasn't useful, it was just that at times I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my room. I lived in a pretty large dorm room and had plenty of storage, but when it came to packing up to go back home, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that had amassed in my room.

+ Do your research. Get pictures of your dorm room, see what you have room for, try and figure out how you're going to configure the furniture (if it's movable) and talk to your future roomie. It's also helpful to read blog posts or go on Pinterest to see what you really do and don't need. See 5 Things I used the most my first week here.

+ Don't stress - too much. I would not recommend waiting until the day before you leave to pack (even though lets be honest, I'll probably do that this year again), but don't stress out too much about it! Worst comes to worse, you can always purchase things when you are at school, or online - Amazon Prime Student is the GOAT. You can even have your parents ship you stuff.

Good luck packing and moving in!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What I'm up to:

Happy Tuesday! It took alll the strength I had not to crawl back under my covers and sleep for a few more hours this morning. (Thanks to a late night Bachelorette viewing party), but I got up and I made it to work without a costly trip to Starbucks, so I call that a win.
Here is what I've been up to:

+ Hair Cut: My mom, Aunt and I went for haircuts yesterday, and I feel so revived! There's nothing like a great trim and a blowout to make you feel confident and put together!

+ Wisdom Teeth: Yesterday I went to a consult to get my wisdom teeth taken out, and lets just say, not that I've seen the scans, I know why my orthodontist kept nagging me about them :/ I'm definitely not looking forward to the procedure, I have a LOT of medical anxiety thanks to last spring's graduation surprise, but I trust that my doctor will do a great job!

+ Bachelorette: I won't reveal any spoilers, but are you happy with Jojo's choice? I think I am, after he proposed, they seemed much more in love and into each other than the producers made it seem on the show. I can't wait for bachelor in paradise tonight! It's always super entertaining. Comment down below your thoughts!

+ Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato: I got last minute tickets to the Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato concert tonight and I'm super pumped to go with my cousin AC! I'm not sure where we're sitting, but I was just talking about how much I wanted to go, I'm super excited to be able to see it!

+ Real Talk: As my mom and I were stuck in traffic yesterday, we got in to some really good "real life" discussions. It was super fun to be able to talk about her life when she and my dad were dating, relationships, friends etc.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!