Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Egg Petit Fours

I found this recipe on Pinterest a couple of weeks before Easter, and on Saturday decided to try it out just for my family. 
I followed the recipe loosely, but clearly didn't follow for decoration.

You'll Need:
1 Family Size Frozen Pound Cake
1 Can White Frosting
Food Coloring

1. First, you'll need to slice the almost frozen pound cake from side to side, so you'll have two shallow layers of cake.
2. Next, you'll either need to use an egg shaped cookie cutter, or, if you don't have one (like me) you can create a stencil, and cut each one out with a knife. The cake is super spongey which mages it easy to mold into the right shape if it doesn't turn out quite right. Place the cakes on a rack over a piece of wax paper for easy clean-up later.
3. Melt your frosting in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl. Add food coloring after and immediately begin to pour the frosting over each cake. As you can see, I left the side of my cakes uncovered a bit, as I didn't want to waste a lot of frosting. The more melted your frosting is though, the more it covers on the sides.
4. For decoration, go crazy! I just used some extra frosting to drizzle a separate color on top. You could also use cute spring sprinkles, or pipe on designs.

-Just as a side note the icing from the can will not set, some make sure to store accordingly!-

Make sure to pin this recipe for next year, and mention me if you make them!

5 Parties you NEED to Throw this Spring

Okay, maybe the warm weather really is getting to me, because all I can seem to think about right now is summer. I can't wait to see friends, walk around all of the best outdoor malls on the North Shore (Old Orchard and "The Glen" are my personal favorites) wear Jack Rogers everyday, and most importantly, spend as much time outside as possible. Last summer, I had good intentions, but after my "incident" in May, I was off to a bit of a slow start. Some of my favorite memories from last summer however are the outdoor parties I helped to throw. I had a really fun Graduation Party combined with my cousin SC and put together a last minute going away party to see friends I hadn't seen in forever!

My [Party] Pinterest boards are EXPLODING with pins, and I can't wait until I'm home to host some wonderful summer soirees! In the mean time, here are five party ideas good enough to throw now!






Comment down below and tell me your fave summer party idea!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I'm linking up with Caitlin today to share some confessions:

I confess: I finally painted my nails a color other than OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. One of my long-time favorites for spring and summer is Essie's Bikini so Teeny.

I confess: We smashed a 4lb 2ft tall chocolate bunny at Easter, and it was really fun. I also confess to eating all of the red and pink starbursts out of everyone's easter baskets.

I confess: I'm already counting down the school days left in the year, and we're at 20! How crazy is that!

I confess: That it really bothers me when people use the tanning bed. Just today, my Economics teacher came in with a bandage on her nose from having skin cancer removed. I'd much rather have to go through the struggle of using self tanner than using a tanning bed and increasing my risk of skin cancer!

I confess: That I'm super out of shape. I went for a run yesterday with a friend, and I can barely do the stairs today. I really hope to get into a good routine before the school year is over.

I confess: Christina from "Carolina Charm" has the cutest kids on the planet. If you haven't seen her Easter Bunny Visit video yet, you have to click over to her blog and watch. It's too cute!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Favorite Outfit

Do you have that one outfit where you just feel super confident, comfortable, and happy? I realized this weekend that I definitely do. It's extremely casual and mostly consists of athletic wear, but it includes all of the pieces I reach for first, even when all of the clothes in my closet are clean. 

My favorite University of Kentucky "Kentucky Collegians" T-shirt is by far my favorite in my closet. I got it last November at a dinner I was invited to during college recruitment season and it is clearly well worn and loved. I have another t-shirt of the same brand and color, and it is just as comfy, and worn often as well.
For bottoms, I'm of course sporting my favorite Krass & Co leggings.
They're in stock right now at Country Club Prep, and if you're interested, I have a discount code available if you e-mail me.

For shoes, I like to stick to my trusty
Sperry Topsiders. These shoes are super comfortable, and they always remind me of my dad because he has worn them for as long as I can remember!

To top off my outfit, I add large pearl earrings (thanks to the Easter Bunny for replenishing my stash this weekend), my red Miami university of Ohio Hat (featured aprox. 4,963 times on my instagram), and my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket.

From my instagram: @jojoArrigo

For a bag, I always seem to gravitate towards a huge tote. I rotate between my favorite Longchamp Le Pliage, or my (fuax) LV Neverfull

What is your favorite outfit?
Comment down below and tell me about it!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday 5

Hi everyone! So happy to be back home in Chicago for Easter weekend. My aunt and I decided to drive up Wednesday night as opposed to Thursday morning because of the weather, and we're glad we did, because it rained and snowed all day yesterday! I don't have a ton of plans for while I'm home, but I'm grabbing breakfast with one of my best friends today, and I'm going to dance class tomorrow which should be fun. 

Easter Dinner
I'm very excited to be home for Easter. I can't wait to go to mass at my church on Sunday, and have dinner with my family in the afternoon. Is anyone else's' favorite part of easter dinner the cheesy potatoes?

Summer Dresses
For some reason, I'm in such a summer clothes mood, which really isn't pairing well with the snow we got in Chicago this morning. 

Does anyone else watch ABC on Thursday nights? I just finished watching the HTGAWM season finale... CRAZY. I can't wait for Scandal next week, and the newest show The Catch which premiered last night looks pretty good! (No Grey's spoilers please! I'm waiting for this season to go on Netflix)

I would share some pictures from my week, but honestly, they're all just pictures of my dog! I'm a crazy dog lady, but I'm okay with that. 

I made another hair appointment for the day before Kentucky Oaks with the same women I went to last time and I can't wait! She did such a good job in February, I think I'm going to go a lot blonder this time though!
Make sure you're following me on Pinterest, I pin a lot of hair looks and recipes!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tip Tuesday

Remember these? I used to do them way back when I started my blog in 2012!
I'm just popping in today to share a tip that I saw somewhere and now use all the time!

See this post here
See this post here

If you're doing your grocery shopping or perusing the isles at Target, use the buckle meant for kids to fasten your purse to the cart! I use this trick all the time when I'm shopping, especially if I'm carrying my Neverful because the top is open. By fastening it to the cart, the likelihood that someone succeeds in snatching it goes down! Of course you should never leave your purse lying around in a public place, but this always makes me feel a bit better about putting my bag in the cart!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings

+ Can anyone else not believe that Easter is already this Sunday?! Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to be going home to see family and friends, but it also means that once I come back to school next week, I will be nearly done with my freshman year of college! Time is really flying.

+ Call me crazy, but I have absolutely no sleep schedule. I know that that is probably one of the worst things you can do for your body, but I don't think it's uncommon in college. Last night I went to bed around 1 and had no trouble waking up at 9 today. As my mom would say "Funny how that works"

+ My Aunt and I went out to dinner last night at Molly Malone's on Baxter Avenue in Louisville and I would recommend. It's a bar type of setting, but on a Sunday night it was pretty lowkey. I'm sure it would be fun on a Friday too! I got the Pesto Chicken and she got Shepard's Pie. We recommend both!
A Snap from out dinner last night!
+I'm not happy about this cold weather again. Louisville really faked us out last week with the 70-80 degree days, so this "chance of snow" shenanigans is not making me very happy!

+ Did you see my Saturday Shops this week? There were a ton of cute black and white choices, and a couple of great deals like this off the shoulder dress and these distressed jeans.

+Do you like my new additions to the blog? I changed my banner to something a littler more modern and clean, and added a mini bio on my side bar! I think it looks really nice and fresh for spring and represents me just a little bit better! Let me know what you think in the comments!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Shops - Black & White for Spring

White is a pretty typical color for spring fashion, but black and white is a color combo often overshadowed by the classic navy and white trend. I love black and white and think it's especially refreshing for spring.
Check out some of my black and white picks here: 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Madness - Bracket Contest

It's one of my favorite times of year. Not just because the weather is starting to get warmer (have I said that enough on here!?) or because of Spring Break... it's March Madness. 
In all honesty, it's really just me pretending I'm interested in basketball for a month.
I've decided to create a tournament group for my readers to enter with the potential of winning a prize!
If the group can reach 30 entries - please share with your friends! - I will be giving away a Country Club Prep Prize Pack to the entry with the most points!
The Prize pack includes fun items like koozies and stickers, plus your choice of a CCP Hat or T-Shirt!

I'm choosing to use ESPN Tournament Challenge because it is very user friendly, and they have a great app!


All you have to do is enter your bracket into the group here and e-mail me the name of the brackets you entered (up to 2) and your username!
My e-mail is

Hi I'm Jordan I entered your ESPN Tournament Challenge! My Username is Jordan34278 and my bracket name(s) is North Shore Proper.

It's as simple as that! I'd also love it if you would head over and LIKE my Facebook page, as I'll be posting updates there!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2 Hours in Chicago

So this weekend, I ended up only an hour away from home in Wisconsin, we actually had to drive through the North Shore to get to our hotel!
My Mom, awesome as she is, couldn't pass up the opportunity to come and see me and my friend CM. We had a blast on our quick couple hours in the city, and I wanted to share with you all what we did!
Things to note: We went super late at night, like 10pm, so a lot of stuff that you would typically visit was closed, but it was the day of the St.Patricks Day Parade, so there were plenty of people out and about!

[All the links I have will take you directly to google maps of these buildings/locations etc.]

This is a must visit. Even though the line is usually at least a dozen people long and the cupcakes cost more than they do in the campus cafe, it's such a fun experience and photo op!

See the River
The Chicago River, especially during St.Patricks Festivities is so unique and beautiful. The bridge is a great photo op, and during the day, the sparkling water and sunshine make it and the buildings even more beautiful! Some of my favorite architecture int he city is right near the Michigan Avenue Bridge. I love the Wrigley Building and the Trump building is also very pretty at night as you can see above. 

Lake Shore Drive
There is nothing more fun than cruising down Lake Shore Drive (LSD to Chicago Natives) blasting your favorite tunes with the windows rolled down on a warm summer afternoon. During the day, there are stunning views of the lake and city. At night, although the lake is a bit more spooky, you can see the gorgeous skyline all lit up!

Sheridan Road and the North Side
As a resident of the North Shore, I might be slightly biased here, but Sheridan Road has got to be one of the most beautiful streets I've ever been on. It has a gorgeous college campus - Northwestern University, as well as countless homes showcasing a wide variety of architecture old and new. Added bonus? The beautiful beaches and view of the lake. You can also see the Baha'i Temple while driving down Sheridan. It's my absolute favorite way home from the city.

What are the must sees from your hometown?
I'd love to hear and I'm sure many others would too; comment down below and share!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Timeless Prom Dresses

Although prom was close to a year ago now, and I have some things in mind that I would have changed (my hair!) I still absolutely love my dress. I never really went "Prom Dress Shopping." Sure, I tried on a handful of dresses when I was out shopping with Jessica, but I never went out on a mission for a dress. I had an idea of what I wanted: a dark color, classic silhouette - more fitted, no bling etc. but there wasn't one dress that I had picked out.
One day I had to walk through JC Penny to get to my eye doctor and I had a couple of minutes to spare and decided to check out the prom dress selection. I wasn't super impressed, but there were a couple of dresses I decided to try on. One of them being the dress I ended up with! It was the only size of the dress in the store (aka, there weren't 20 others just like it on the rack) and it was in my size. If fit like a glove, was under budget, and had all of the things I wanted! It was perfect!

Prom Posts from last year 1 & 2

One of the things that I most wanted in a dress, and loved about mine was how timeless it is. I wanted something that wouldn't be out of style in 2 years. Often times, a classic silhouette and color is the key! My dress had a unique quality in the material/texture, but overall it was classic. (Best of all, no one else had a dress like it!)

I've picked out some of my favorite classic prom dresses for this year!



Which dress is your favorite?

Monday, March 14, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things...

coffee: you know those weeks where you just can't seem to get yourself to drink your coffee? Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I end up feeling worse and too jittery, but this week I've been able to enjoy a cup or two. Thank goodness too, because I have approximately 300 exams this week!

2 hours in Chicago: This past weekend, I ended up in Wisconsin for a basketball tournament and spent a couple of hours in Chicago with my mom showing my friend around. More to come in a complete post this week!

more pics on my Instagram!

Lilly Pulitzer new arrivals: OH. MY. GOODNESS. Lilly is killing it with the new arrivals recently! Although I almost never buy Lilly at full price (sales and re-sale only!) It's fun to peruse the site every week, especially with the nice weather finally beginning to roll in! Also, you can pick out items that you might want to get in the semi-annual sales.
Some of my favorites:

How CUTE would this be for Kentucky Oaks!

If I didn't already have and Easter dress, buy would I be tempted to buy this! (I actually still am..oops?) 

Google calendar: I mentioned this last week, but I've been trying to keep my google calendar super up to date, and organized, and not only does it help me feel more on top of my exploding schedule, it also lets me see what my family is up to at home, making it much easier for me to contact them!

Chacos: Not quite as stylish and the Lilly Spring line, but super comfortable. I've finally been able to wear these around campus. They're perfect for rainy days when you don't feel like wearing boots, and much more comfortable!

The Bachelor: Okay, so I didn't love  this season of The Bachelor, but I'm still super excited to see what happens tonight! Do you think he'll pick Jojo or Lauren?! I think I like Jojo more, but at this point, I think Ben is pretty stupid for telling both girls he loves them, even if it's true!
Use the Survey below to share who you  think he will pick!

self tanner: As the temps start to rise, I start to realize just how pale my legs and arms look! I would never use a tanning bed, but I am all about self tanner and spray tans! My friends and I are going to start hitting those up pretty soon, but I've been applying self tanner every couple of days to my legs and arms just to keep from looking dead.

St.Patricks Day: Although I missed the Bardstown parade in Louisville due to travel, we were in Chicago to see the green river (even if it was too dark to really  see it). I can't wait to celebrate on Thursday! It's also the 4th anniversary of my Grandpa Jim's death, so there would be no better way to honor him than enjoying his favorite holiday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and is enjoying their monday so far! 
Comment down below telling me who you  think Ben will pick!

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Home Stretch Motivation

It's hard to believe that I only have about 30 days of class left in my freshman year of college! The year has flown faster than anything I've experienced so far, and I'll be sad to see it go. Since there are only a few more weeks of class left, I'm feeling pretty motivated to finish out this semester even stronger than last. I have an Easter break in only a couple of weeks, my usual spurts of motivation and energy will last me just long enough to reenergize (or, just eat a ton of candy) for the last couple of weeks before finals!

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite ways to get/stay motivated!

Organize your Calendar
There is just something about spending a bit of time becoming hyper organized that helps me to really focus on what is going on. I spent two hours updating and re-organizing my rarely used Google calendar last night, and I feel much more motivated and ready to take on the next few weeks.

Change your lock screen
I've been trying to find a new phone background for a couple of weeks now as I'm not one to change it often, and although there are a ton of options on pinterest I couldn't find one that I liked. I really like a clean bright background with not a lot of text, but i wasn't finding one I liked, especially for spring.
I found this on pinterest and cropped it to fit my lock screen. I'm using a generic white/grey background for my app wallpaper, but love this witty reminder for my lock screen. Your lock screen is a great place for some constant motivation!

Change your scenery
In all honesty, I think that one of the things that has put me in such a great mood this week is the AMAZING weather in Louisville right now. It's supposed to be above 70 almost everyday this week and I'm super happy about that, but even a change in the floor you study at in the Library, or trying a new coffee shop can motivate me to get work done.

Have something to look forward to
This can be difficult if you're working, or your school doesn't have a break soon, but just having an "end date" or goal in mind during the week helps me stay super motivated. For example, I'm excited for easter break, but going out for ice cream with friends Friday after your classes, or going splurging at the end of the quarter can give you something to work towards and look forward to.

Hit the gym
Working out (not that I've done that in the last few months... yikes!) always gives me so much more energy and makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something for the day. I left my fitbit at home last quarter (and now I've lost my charger so I had to order a new one off amazon) and I wasn't feeling very motivated to do much of anything. Having my fitbit and the incentive to get my steps in for the day always keeps me motivated to be up and moving and get everything that I need to done. Pro tip- not at your step total for the day? Do your laundry. Gets me there every time. Haha!
PS- How Cool does this new Fitbit Alta look?! It seems like a more 'apple watch' version of the fitbit!

Get inspired
Personally I've been watching a lot of Lauren Elizabeth videos on Youtube recently, and she's got me very motivated and inspired to really get **it done. Admittedly, she's also inspired me to put about 20 new items on my Sephora wishlist. Whether you find someone's Instagram, or are loving a specific youtuber right now, being inspired by a person to be productive can really help tether your motivation to something.

How do you stay motivated?
Comment below and let me know!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Spring Break Recap

Hi everyone! I was a bit absent last week on the blog with only a couple of posts, but I'm excited to be sharing a recap of my spring break today!
Make sure you check out my last post for my Everyday Makeup Routine, including a video tutorial!

Visited Jessica at DePaul University:
My BFFL Jessica (who blogs here) is a freshman at DePaul University in Chicago, and I finally got to visit her! My mom and I got together with Jess and her mom and we had a delicious lunch at Lou Malnati's and I got a sneak peek at a bunch of the campus, and her dorm room! Maybe when it's not freezing cold in May, I'll go visit her more ;).

Skiing with my Dad and Brother
This was probably the thing I was most looking forward to for break. Although our day started off a little rocky, it ended in picturesque snowfall for a fun last few runs. I even broke out the camcorder and shot some footage for a fun video!

Visiting Annie and Rose
Thursday night I drove out to see my cousins Annie and Rose. I haven't seen them since New Years, so I was super excited to hang out with them! (Well, until I realized I left my phone at their house - an hour away - and had to wait until Sunday to get it back...)

Watched Shawn's First playoff game
If you're new here, Shawn is my 13 year old brother, and he plays Hockey. A lot. Saturday night was his first playoff game for this season, and although it was insanely stressful, (punches were thrown - yikes!) They pulled out a win in a shootout, and my Dad (co-coach) and Shawn were very excited to start of the playoffs strong!

Drank a lot of coffee...

I could use another almond croissant right now too...
I stopped at Starbucks multiple times this week, but I also grabbed coffee and a snack at Three Tarts Bakery, one of my favorite gems of the North Shore! If you're ever in the Northfield area, I recommend a croissant, cafe au lait, or if you really feel like splurging: a slice of cake.

Passing of Dr. Joseph McGowan
This was definitely a low note over spring break. The president of Bellarmine University, Dr.Joseph McGowan passed away March 1st unexpectedly. My Aunt Linda and I attended the visitation yesterday, and by the masses of people flowing in and out of the stadium, and dozens of flower arrangements, you know he had such a big impact not only on Bellarmine, but also Louisville as a community! May he rest in peace.

Overall, it was a nice and relaxing break, and I'm feeling very refreshed and motivated to take the next three weeks by storm! At the very least, I only have 11 more school days until I'll be home again for Easter Break!

Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday 5 - New Beauty Products & Makeup Routine!

Hi Everyone! I can't believe it's already Friday and I'll be heading back to school this weekend!
I've had so much fun this week so far, and I'll probably recap next week.

Today I'm excited to share my Everyday Makeup Routine!

Products Used:

I also thought that  I would share 5 products that I've been wanting to try! I'd love everyone's input in the comments if you've been wanting to try any of these, or have advice to share on them!
I really love interacting with readers in the comments, so if you have something to share, please feel free to comment!

This product seems to be the item of the moment right now! It's sold out at a ton of Sephoras and Ultas, but I really want to try it because from what I've seen, it makes a huge difference when people use it! One of the reservations I have however is the price! I wish they offered a smaller sample size to try.

Foundation Primer
I don't have a specific primer I've found yet. There are a ton out there, and I'm looking for one that helps foundation last longer, so if you have one that you've found, please let me know!
I've been looking at these:

I'm in the market for a new setting powder, and I've hear such great things about this one! I'm always a bit weary of a loose powder, but I've heard nothing but good things about this one.

I'm pretty behind on the trends when it comes to brows. As you saw in my makeup routine, my maintenance is pretty low when it comes to my brows. I basically just pluck them, and fill them in when I feel like it. The Anastasia Brow Wiz is another one of those products where you only ever hear goods things about it! I feel like I should try it to see if it makes that much of a difference on me!

I heard about this through a youtube video and the last couple of times I've been in Ulta I've smelled it, and  I just love it! I just got a new fragrance for Christmas, so I'm not really in the market for one, but if I were to get a new one for spring, this would be it!

What beauty products have you been looking at?

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Jewelry Inspo

I was out window shopping yesterday, and I walked into a store with the cutest jewelry, I think I'll have to go back today and pick some up!
There is so much cute jewelry out there right now, I found of bunch of really greta stuff and at great prices too!