Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Trend: Suede

I said recently how obsessed I am with suede, and it's seems to be a huge trend right  which is fine by me! I think as long as the suede is done right and looks expensive, it can be a perfect accent to any fall wardrobe!
Below are some of my favorite suede pieces!
And here are some great looks that incorporate suede:


Homecoming Dress Picks

Homecoming is right around the corner for my High School, and some have even already had theirs! Bellarmine doesn't have a football team, so we do Hoco in January with the Basketball Team, but I thought I'd share some dress picks today anyways!

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Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Shops

So, as you'll see when you click through the gadget down below, I'm having a little love affair with suede right now.  I have a pair of suede heels that I got last fall, and although I haven't gotten the opportunity to wear them, I'm just dying to!
I included plenty for fall boot picks in today's Saturday Shops!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday 5

I hope you enjoyed this morning's post! I'm just obsessed with that last outfit and cannot wait for fall weather to roll into Louisville! Although today I did get a chance to wear one of my favorite pairs of black boots!

Shoutout to one of my best friends, Emily, who recently moved to Scotland for College and set me this snap on Monday:
I love the Bean Boots.
You can read her new blog here!

I tried queso for the first time yesterday! I tried it at Moe's and I know queso is a HUGE thing down here, but up in Chicago, it's not that big, especially because they don't have it at Chipotle!
Verdict: Delicious.


Boom Bozz quite possibly has my favorite pizza ever. I could live off of the Margherita pizza, so if you're ever near one, I would highly recommend it!!


I spent a lot of time like sitting just like this this past week. School/ Midterm season is starting to pick up here at Bellarmine, and it was an extremely long week. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow.

I'm about to sit down to watch last night's episode of Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, but I did watch Scream Queens, and am a little bit confused by it to be honest. All I really care about is the Nick Jonas plot line if we're going to be honest, but  I think it's going to be pretty entertaining!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for some Saturday Shops!
As always, if you have any questions, ideas for posts, or need to contact me, e-mail me at NorthShoreProper@Gmail.com!

Fall Essentials in Three Outfits

Okay, I'm going to be honest, I planned to post this on Wednesday, the first day of fall, but I've had a pretty crazy last few days of school! But y'all don't want to hear about that. Instead, I'm going to share 3 adorable fall outfits that I put together than include some of my favorite fall pieces.

I decided to organize the pieces by temperature. The first is when it's chilly, but not too cold. Here in Kentucky for example, it's still super hot out, so this outfit is a great way to bring some fall pieces out of your closet.

This one is for when it's getting a bit chilly, so you need more than a flannel to keep you warm, but you're not quite ready for a jacket. Of course I also had to pull out some riding boots. I was obsessed with these riding boots when they were in the Nordstrom sale this summer, but I wasn't about to spend $400 on boots right before I started college. A girl can dream. This outfit also includes one of my fall essentials: the J.Crew Herringbone Vest. I picked up a black one last fall, and they've luckily brought back a cool grey option this year. Good news- It's not backordered yet!

This is probably my favorite outfit out of the three, most likely because it's what I'll be looking like for about two months straight this year. This LL Bean Jacket is at the top of my Christmas List this year. The quilted fabric paired with the gold buttons is just so classic and will look great with any outfit, not to mention, it'll keep me warm!
LL Bean "Bean Boots" are also another essential in the rainy fall and snowy winter. I has a felt pair from a few years ago, but these leather ones are classics. Pairing the jacket and boots with a classic crewneck sweatshirt and a Chicago Blackhawks hat and you're good to go. Also, you've probably noticed my obsession with this Madewell tote. It's such a classic and durable piece, it's an essential in anyone's closet, *hint hint mom and dad.*


If I had to list my top picks for fall they would be:
Baseball Caps:

Duck Boots:

& Flannels:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Night Out || Outfit of the Day

I'm a fan or black, pearls, and booties.
Would you look at that, this outfit has all three!
I'm honestly obsessed with this outfit. I wore it out to dinner with a friend and family this summer, and have been itching for it to cool own enough for me to wear it again!
I picked up these booties on an *insane* sae at JCPenney this spring, we're talking, less than $10, and love wearing them out. This style is super trendy right now, and these boots will transition perfectly into fall!

Tee(comfiest ever!) - Gap
Necklace - Thrifted, similar, similar
Jeans - Old Navy (on sale now for less than $20!)
Booties - JCPenney, similar, similar
Ring - Family Jeweler, similar
Nail Polish - OPI Dating a Royal

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Motivation

So, I had a pretty rough weekend. I'll probably share the whole story eventually, but not right now. Long story short, I'll be throwing myself into my studies this week, which is good, because I have a crazy busy week of schoolwork.

Today is a perfect Monday for some motivation.


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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday 5: Life at Bellarmine, and Fashion!

Somehow, this week managed to get away from me! I can't believe it's already Friday. I hope I don't get struck by lightening after typing this but... I almost wish it wasn't. I'm crazy, I know, but I have a very busy week coming up next week, and I feel like a need just another day or two before I feel completely prepared.

My roommate and I were matching last night for recruitment, and we're kind of obsessed:

I attended the University of Louisville Football tailgate last weekend with my roommate and a friend, and we had a blast! I love that Bellarmine is so close to University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, so you can still get some "state school" experiences while still getting a great liberal arts education!

[It was pretty chilly out the whole morning - mid 60's - so the sweaters were a necessity!]

J.Crew has 25% the whole site with code "SHOPNOW"
Check out some of my top picks:

I picked up these pumps in black and white over labor day weekend, and they've been great for rush! Our dress code was Business/Business causal the whole week, and they've been great so far! They're pretty comfortable too and a great price!

Family weekend is only a couple of weeks away! I can't believe I've already been at Bellarmine for over a month! The time has flown by and I'm loving it so much!
I can't wait to share my experiences and new knowledge with the fam!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Shower Essentials

Today I though I would share some of mu favorite shower products. I think it may be the lack of hard water in Louisville, but my hair has been feeling extra soft recently!

-My hair feels so clean and smooth when I use these!-
(Best scent ever!)
Obsessed with my shower caddy.
Similar from Target.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Formal White || Outfit of the Day

I know they say no white after Labor Day, but I think that if it's the right white, then you can go for it. White jeans, cords, and sweaters look great in winter, and I think this dress does too!
This is the dress that I wore for graduation, you might remember from this post, and I think it would be perfect for events such as sorority initiation, rush, or even a fall formal.

When it cools down, you can switch the wedges to white or nude pumps.
I added some small gold jewelry to accent the beautiful gold on the dress and in my shoes.
I kept earrings simple, and pulled my hair to the side to off set the symmetrical nature of the dress.

Shoes - Jack Rogers
Earrings - Similar
Necklace - C.A.I. (similar)
Rings - Claddagh (similar) and Vintage
Nails - Fingers & Toes

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday 5

Fridays in a short week are just that much sweeter!

I found these quotes this week on Facebook and Pinterest and love them both!

My best friend Jessica sent me this snap the other day and I nearly died laughing. This is how I feel about any textbook with no pictures.

I stopped in J.Crew Monday while doing some labor day shopping and fell in love with these three looks! They're both styled to a tee, and are adorable for fall.
I especially love the look on the left!

My roommate and I are hopefully Tailgating at a University of Louisville Game on Saturday and I'm super excited! Although I'm more of a UK Cats fan, it will be fun to get in the spirit of college football season!

I picked up these Chacos in Sand Dune Blue last week and have been wearing them constantly ever since! Although they're not the most stylish shoes, they are extremely comfortable, and in this heat and humidity, comfort it key. They're also great for trekking around college campuses (especially in the rain!)
{Be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime Student to to receive free 2-day shipping and 15% off select outdoor shoes for a limited time only!}

What have you been loving this week?
Linked up to '5 on Friday'!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Handbags under $250

It seems as if every fall, I start to ogle every handbag that ever existed.
Walking through department stores this labor day weekend, and seeing some fall fashion blog posts and pins recently has given me a handbag bug!
Today, I'm sharing 9 handbags under $250 with y'all!
I sorted them into three categories, but they would all make a great addition to any fall outfit!

1 - 2 - 3

4 - 5 - 6

7 - 8 - 9

Which bag is your favorite?

Summer Floral || Outfit of the Day

It's still Summer people! Although everyone seems to be yearning to pull out their favorite riding boots and plaid scarves, Fall doesn't officially start for a couple more weeks. 
It's still very much Summer weather down here in Louisville. We're talking consistent 80s-90s everyday. I've been getting very good use out of my chino shorts and norts recently.

This top is sold out, but here are some floral tops I love:

Top- Von Maur (sold out)
Shorts- J.Crew
Sandals- Jack Rogers