Monday, August 31, 2015

Dresses for the Office

*can we just talk about how it's September tomorrow?!*

It can be a tricky time of year to dress for anything.
You wake up in the morning, it's 50˚, but lunchtime, it's at least 75˚
I think dresses are a great way to deal with this weather. It's easy to throw a cardigan on for the morning, or the air conditioning, but if you're going out for lunch, you can easily take off the sweater and you won't be too hot.

Here are some great dresses I've found that I think are perfect for this time of year:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday 5

What a week!
I'm just 2 classes away from completing my first full week of college classes.
It's hard to believe that I've been living in my dorm for two weeks now!
I'm loving it here at Bellarmine, and can't wait to share more pictures of my dorm and campus with y'all!

As I mentioned in my last post, my Keurig is one of my favorite parts of my dorm. I look forward to brewing a cup a steaming hot coffee every morning, and even a pot if need be! These McCafe K-Cups have been my favorite, as I have mentioned a few times on here how much I love my french roasts! I would highly recommend these K-Cups, and for reference, I always brew on the "strong" setting of my Keurig.

I've been wearing my white converse almost non-stop since I've gotten to Kentucky. Bellarmine's campus is full of really steep hills, and dozens of flights of stairs - seriously, one day I did 53 flights! - so sometimes Jack Rogers or Sperrys aren't the best option. Converse are comfy and look cute with practically any outfit!
I'm going to the Kentucky State Fair tonight with my roommate and her friend and plan on wearing my converse there!

Mild Weather
The weather in Louisville has cooled down a lot since we first got here. It's starting to get cooler at night and when you first wake up, which is one of my favorite parts of this time of year. I can't wait until I pick up my fall clothes that I left at my Aunt's house! It still gets really hot in the afternoons, so it's not quite time for riding boots and vests yet. (it's still August people!)

Grey's Anatomy
So, I've done a bad thing. I started watching Grey's Anatomy Wednesday afternoon, and I finished the first season by Thursday afternoon. Why would anyone in their right mind start an 11 season tv show on Netflix the first week of college. I may need an intervention soon. (PS I also started watching One Tree Hill (or One Tree Feels as some call it on campus) so I'm basically glued to my laptop 24/7)
I just recently got an iPhone last month, so it was very exciting for me to realize that I can simply facetime my best friend without having to download any apps (skype, oovoo, or google hangout). My parents haven't quite gotten there yet, so there are a lot of botched Google Hangout Calls and screwed up Facebook video calls.

 One thing I'm not loving: sending snapchats to the wrong people. We're not talking ugly face pictures either, we're talking heartfelt, I miss you so much best friend, I'm thinking of you because I'm eating chicken tenders for dinner pictures to people you've just met on campus. *insert faceplam here*

What are your Friday 5?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Things I Used the Most my First Week of College

So I've officially survived my first week of college. I've had two days of classes and the rest have been orientation, but I feel like i'm starting to create a bit of a routine here. There have been a few things that I have been really glad to have this week, and I would urge you to pack if you're leaving for college soon! {Also, good luck to all of my friends starting at Tulane, Vanderbilt, and University of Illinois this week!}


I bought a Keurig 2.0 for my dorm this year, and I'm obsessed. We had a Keurig at home, and I used it everyday! I love being able to have a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the morning while I'm getting ready for class, or not having to spend my "flex dollars" on a cup at Einstein's.

{Yay for carpeted dorms}
I've been living in my slippers recently. I believe these came from target a couple of years ago, but there are plenty of pairs out there to choose from! I've been wearing my slippers everywhere. The first floor for laundry or ice, the bathroom (sometimes the floors are wet - showers -  so I don't like to go barefoot), or even to our floor meetings. Also, I like my feet to be warm while I'm studying.

Paper Towels and Kleenex
First of all, as you'll hear with my next item, I was sick my first week at college, so not having tissues would have been disastrous. I've also noticed that there aren't tissues in every classroom like there are in High School, so make sure you stock up your dorm and backpack. These boxes are super cute and matched my dorm decor!
Paper Towels have been very necessary this week weather it comes to drying my coffee mugs, or cleaning out our refrigerator.
Both of these are easy to forget, but very necessary.

I'm so glad that I picked up a box of Dayquil and Nyquil gels before I left, because I had a cold lovely cold starting Wednesday, so these were necessary in getting through my first few days of classes.
They have a great combo pack at Target that is perfect to pack with your other health stuff.
(This is the one I got, and the one my parents have at home, it's under $10 which is great and makes it completely worth it. If you're under 18, you may need a parent to by this for you because of certain ingredients.)


Okay, so this may not be necessary, but I've found that it has been really fun decorating my school supplies with Washi Tape. It's also really cute to add a cute decoration to a note to your roommate or floor! I got this adorable blue tape at Target, and it goes really well with my dorm decor! It's a super inexpensive way to add some pizazz to your room. It's also great for taping up photos!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Transitional Pieces

It's starting to feel like that time of year where you want to start wearing riding boots and sweaters, and although that may feel fine when you leave the house in the morning, by noon, you're boiling and wishing you were in a pair of chino shorts and a tank top. Don't get me wrong, I love fall fashion, it's probably my favorite time of year to style outfits, but man is it hot in September, and especially down here in Kentucky. I did find quite a few pieces though that would be perfect for this time of year when you want to begin transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall.

I love the booties and especially that navy and white striped sweater!
Which is your favorite?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Cute Backpack Accessories

If there's one thing you figure out quickly within your first few days at a school, it's weather or not students use backpacks, or tote bags. I've quickly realized, that here at Bellarmine, everyone uses backpacks. I for one, love my Patagonia Backpack that I got my Sophomore year of High School. It's held up really nicely and holds just the right amount of stuff that I need any given day.

After a while though, your back pack can stat to seem boring and ugly. One thing you can do to spice up your back pack, it add cute charms, pins and keychains.

One of my favorite things I like to have on my backpack is a pin from my school. In High School, I recieved a pin with the school crest on it, and this past week, I received a Bellarmine Pin! Just make sure you check every once and a while to make sure it hasn't fallen off!

Another favorite of mine is my Monogram Acrylic Keychain! I purchased mine off of Etsy from one of my favorite monogram shops (the same place I purchased my stainless steel monogram - seen here) and it looks so great on my lanyard, I may just need one for my backpack as well!
(Of course mine is Kentucky Wildcat Blue!)
 (I did crack the ring recently, but I don't foresee it being an issue.)

Many brands also have very cute keychains that could look adorable hanging off of your backpack!
Click through the row below to see them!

Life Lately

I know that I just did one of these posts, but your first week of college and orientation is pretty busy! The way that Bellarmine does it, you have orientation tacked on to the beginning of the school year, so Freshman move in a week early and participate in all kinds of welcome activities.

My Small Group

Coffee dates with Sinead and Jessica before I left!

Saying goodbye to Whiskers

Our stuffed to the brim car!

Louisville Skyline

My Dorm project - much harder than it looks

Classic first day of school picture

Dorm Sneak Peek!
I've switched around a bunch of stuff since this photo from move in day.

Move In Day!

Another reason to be excited besides it being Friday?
My Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Package comes today!
I know I promised an update a few days ago, but time had been getting away from me!

Stay tuned for outfit posts with my new Lilly pieces!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Shopping in Blue || Outfit of the Day

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd share with you one of my go-to outfits in the summer. On days when it's not necessary to be wearing a tank top, I love pairing my favorite button down with some cut off shorts! This outfit could also be perfect for your first day of class (if it's not scorching hot at your school like it is in Louisville!)
Outfits like these are all about accessories. Here I paired my cork Jack Rogers and Kate Spade inspired watch with simple jewelry to complete the look!

Have fun shopping the Lilly Sale! I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow sharing some of my finds!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What to Expect your First Day of High School

High School can be a pretty scary thing to start, especially if you don’t have any older siblings. Any time you start something new, something that’s unknown to you, it can be a pretty stressful experience and difficult to prepare for. Trust me, I’m about to start my Freshman year of college!

Here’s what you can expect from your first day of Freshman Year:

You can find help anywhere in the school really. Upperclassmen will not tease you for asking where the bathroom is, or how to get to room 253. They don’t mind helping you out, but if you are nervous to ask, there are usually plenty if staff members milling around to help on the first few days of school. I know at my school they even have a table where you can print out your schedule in case you forgot it!

Your teachers should be fairly lenient with you those first couple of days. For example, if you get turned around in a wonky hallway and are 2 minutes late to class, It’s not the end of the world. As long as you don’t make a habit of it, your teachers should be fine with it.

Lots of Getting to know you
honestly, this is always my least favorite part of back-to-school. Truth be told, I’m not really looking forward to the three days of “team building” this week before we start classes, but I hope that I’ll be able to start the year with a few goods friends. Anyway, you can expect lots of activities where the teachers try and get to know you. There will be a lot of filling out surveys - where did you go to middle school? What’s your favorite food? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Be honest with these though, it will help your teacher get to know you and your learning style better.

Feeling Overwhelmed
Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. Those Seniors are tall, and the school is huge! High School is a huge adjustment from middle school, especially if your middle school was anything like mine, so don’t feel too worried about it. Just remember: All of the other Freshman are in a  similar boat as you, so they know how you feel, and you’re probably not the only one thats nervous!

I hope this helped anybody starting high school this fall! Be sure to check out my High School Freshman Advice post for more advice!

I plan on posting a couple of “bonus” posts next week talking/ journaling about my first week at Bellarmine!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Draper James Sale

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows there is a Draper James - Yes, Reese Witherspoon's new brand - sale going on today! It's early access, so make sure you take a peek now before things sell out!

Here are some of my favorites from the sale:

Happy shopping!

All About Agendas - North Shore Proper is on Youtube!

Hey everyone! Today I'm very excited to share with you a video! This isn't quite a new type of content for me, as I've been watching Youtube videos for years and years, and I did try my hand at it a few times through out High School, but I'm very excited to finally be publishing these videos as a supplement to the blog! My Channel is North Shore Proper, so make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video!

Today I'm sharing with you my agenda organization, a post I've been promising for years, literally.
I finally realized that the best way to express how organizing my agenda changed and which agendas I've used over the years was a video!

Make sure you subscribe to my channel to catch every video I upload! 


Changing gears for the end of this post, but I absolutely cannot believe that tomorrow is my last day on the North Shore! I leave Friday morning and don't believe I'm coming home until Christmas Break! I'm very excited, but also a little nervous to see how the transition will go.  I do have quite a few packages waiting for me at my Aunt's house though such as my dorm bedding and my coffee maker, so that may make leaving just a little bit easier!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

High School Freshman Advice

I did a post like this years and years back, right when I had just started this blog, and I think that I have definitely learned a lot more since then.

Some of these tips are similar to what I wrote then, but I'm also going to share some more general tips!

Communicate With Your Teachers
If you're sick or out of class for the day, let your teachers know in a quick e-mail and ask for any work you may have missed. Even if you know there wasn't any, it shows the teacher that you care about their class and want to succeed.
If you need help in the class, just ask. I was having serious trouble in my AP US Government class my junior year, and when I asked the teacher for help, we eventually ended up raising my grade by two letter grades! Asking for help once again shows the teacher that you want to succeed and are willing to do whatever it takes, and sometimes more, to do well in the course.

Take Lots of Pictures
Not all photos you take have to end up on Facebook or Instagram (contrary to popular belief). You only go through those awkward stages (hopefully) once, so you'll eventually want to look back on them and remember the fun times you had. I know I wish I had more pictures of me and my friends together my sophomore and Freshman years other than just Homecoming. You'll treasure these photos forever, and they make great gifts for birthdays and High School Graduation!

Learn your Hallway Etiquette
I talked about this the last time I did this post, but that is just because it is that important. You need to walk on the correct side of the hallway, at the correct speed. Do not try and cut across into a huge mob of people, wait for a good gap. Freshman in the hallway make me nervous, because I know that they'll be driving on the same road as me in just a few months. Don't be that kid that causes a traffic jam.

Be Open to Making New Friends
If your High School was anything like mine, the freshman come from a handful of different middle schools. Although I kept a lot of my same friends, I did make quite a few more that didn't go to my middle school. Don't go into high school with a closed mind. Be open to making new friends, or accepting new people into your friend group. I made some of my best friends by branching out.

Get on your Counselor's Good Side
Your counselor creates your schedule, so you need to make sure you're on their good side early on in your high school career. Being on their good side, or friendly with them means that they'll help you get out of the Pre-Calc section with the teacher you heard wasn't great, or let you take whatever electives you want your senior year. They are also often times required to write you a college recommendation letter, so make sure they get to know you so that the letter is accurate!

Don't be a Drama Queen
Another one from my previous post. Being overly dramatic is one of my biggest regrets from high school. Making a big deal out of nothing loudly, and in the lunch room, is one of the most embarrassing things you can do. Trust me, I've been there. Thinking things through rationally before you react to them (difficult, I know) will make you feel much better about the situation, and decrease the chance of you embarrassing yourself in front of all of your friends, or even worse, your crush!

Try New Things
Look in to any club you're interested in, join Student government, or even create your own club! Trying new things leads to new friends, with similar interests!

Know that Academics should be a top Priority
Sometimes it's hard to recognize that Homework comes before Smoothies with friends, or Candy Crush Saga, but (as much as you probably don't want to hear this) how well you perform in High School can determine a large chunk of your immediate future; College, Grad School, and future employment all depend on how you spend your time in high school. Keeping your grades up should be your top priority, and as long as you're in the classes that are right for you, this shouldn't be too difficult. If your course load is too difficult, make sure you get in touch with your counselor right away, and they can help you work through the problem.

Take all Resources Given to You
There are so many resources in High School. At my school, we had free, unlimited tutoring, access to great social workers, and amazing sports and music programs. If you are offered help in a course, take it. If you have access to great sports or music programs, get involved! High School is a great time to start growing your network in your community, and sports and music are great ways to do that, especially if those are things you want to continue in your collegiate career! Coaches and Directors will be great assets during the college application process.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I definitely enjoyed writing it (on my brand new MacBook Pro no less!!). If anyone has questions about starting Freshman year, or high school in general, comment down below, e-mail me [], or ask me on Tumblr!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Lately - Instagram Roundup

If you're not following me on Instagram, what are you, living under a rock? I'm just kidding, but if you aren't, it's a great way to keep up with not only my blog!

This years State Fair Corn on the Cob Picture

Sunglasses (Old Navy - In Store Only)

Last Weeks Blog Post

Heading out to Family Dinner

Saying good bye to the North Shore

Showing Jessica the UK Campus & Library

Jessica's and My Blog PJ's
(Old From Forever 21)

Showing Jessica Around Bellarmine

Tank (From VonMaur in Store) - Shorts - Sandals

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Wisconsin State Fair - Must Have Foods

My family has been going to the Wisconsin State Fair for years, and it's always one of my most memorable and favorite memories of the summer. After at least 10 years of going to the fair, I've come up with some foods that you need to try! My family is heading to the Fair for my last Friday at Home! Did I mention, I'm leaving to move in next Friday?!

Corn on the Cob from The Lion's Club
My personal favorite from the fair. What's better than fresh corn on the cob, dipped in butter? I also recommend the seasoned salt. I plan on stopping here at least twice on Friday. Seriously. It's that good.

Baked Potatoes from the walk-up window
Baked Potatoes are one of my favorite foods in general, in fact, I had one for dinner last night!
These baked potatoes come with nacho cheese, and butter, sour cream etc. Hey, I never said any of this was healthy.

Fried Butter
This wasn't available last year, perhaps because the pure idea of it can send someone into cardiac arrest, but if you pass by, it's worth a try. Get one order so you and your family can try it. It's delicious.

Maple Sugar Cotton Candy
This can be found in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. It tastes even better than it sounds.

Anything Fried
You can find this at pretty much any fair, but oreos, cheese, bananas, they have essentially all of your favorite foods, but fried. It's a win win.

Make sure you're keeping up with me on Instagram during my last couple of weeks in town:

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Hot Summer Days || Outfit of the Day

These are honestly some of my favorite posts to share with you guys! Choosing outfits and having Eleni help me shoot is so much fun, and the pictures turned out amazing!

Check out my last few outfits featuring her photos: 1 - 2 - 3 

I'm so excited to share this outfit! It features some of my favorites from the summer so far, my clear sunglasses, pompom tank, and chino shorts (of course), as well as some of my new favorites - ear jackets!

This outfit would be perfect for hanging out with friends at an outdoor mall, grabbing a casual dinner, or even a music festival [change out the shoes for something like these]. 
The ear jackets and reflective lens glasses make this outfit more than just a tank and shorts! The pom moms on the tank top don't hurt either.

(and I know it's a "pajama shirt" but I think it's too cute not to wear out!)