Thursday, May 30, 2013

Room Inspiration!

Hey Ya'll!
Recently I've decided I'm going to be re-doing my room this summer
nothing, too, too, drastic, just a coat of paint, new linnens, and 
dresser, and that's about it :)
Right now my room is a baby pink color with purple accents, and being the 16
year old that I am, would love to upgrade to a more mature color scheme.

I created a board on pinterest where the majority of these pics are from!

For the walls, I'm thinking a taupey- beige color. Light though, nothing extremely dark.
If you have any color recommendations, feel free to comment them down below!

Some Inspiration:

(Both from a Pinterest Search)

I Initially saw this picture on instagram (my fave instagrammer none the less)
and started look at Ikea bedding and found the blue toile. I think they'll look perfect together!

Look at that Toile! It's perfect!

I want to make valences and a bed skirt out of the same check. Ikea sells it as material too!


Leaning towards this one.

Other Decorative Ideas:

~6' 5" tall. Lean against the wall.
Spray paint it gold? 

I have a mirror somewhat similar to this.
Planing on keeping it the way I have (leaned against the wall on my desk)
(pic pulled from my pinterest board)

Sweater-y blanket in a coordinating color

The light blue one would be adorable somewhere!


Sliding Barn door! 
Would save me so much room!

Not my color scheme at all, But have always loved this room :)


Also From Kyndra's instagram

I'll try and keep posting about the progress of my room! 
Have more ideas?
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Thanks for readin'

Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Essentials!

Hey Guys!
Today's post is going to be all about some of the the
things I've been lusting after for this summer!

The majority of these things you will find that I've pinned on pinterest!

A must for the summer, and the red, white and blue
 drew me in immediately! 'Merica!

Perfect for covering up and the beach or the pool!
The White "Roll Tide" one is my personal fave :)

Are we shocked I don't have one yet!?!?!
I have a single initial one, but the chain is tarnishing, 
so I do believe it's as good a time as any to finally purchase one.
This one is from Keti SorelyDesigns on Etsy, and is the one my favorite
 blogger/ Instagrammer has! (

Perfect for protecting my head and face on the boat or at the beach!
I figure I'll probably get a white one with navy stitching considering my 
bathing suits are very neon and colorful this year :)

A monogram PFG
These are form the Esty store Sweet Tea Monograms
and I think a white one with navy stitching would be perfect for covering 
my highly burnable skin on the boat this summer! :)
-I don't believe this is currently in stock though :(-

A monogrammed beach bag in my favorite colors?!?!?!
Yes Please!
The bag from Marley Lilly features kelly green and navy blue
and has plenty of pockets for the the stuff I like to "tote" around in the summer!
-No longer available!?!?-

Platinum Jack Rogers
I really just need to go to my Von Maur which is like 
5 minutes away, and finally buy these.
I've been eyeing them forever, and really just need to "take the plunge".
(Sorry for all the puns :/)

Monogrammed Beach Towel!
These are typically pretty steep, so I probably won't end up with one, 
but hey, If I find a cheaper one, who knows ;)
I love these from Marley Lilly

I will most likely go through 2-3 pairs of sunglasses this summer now that I have contacts,
so these will hopefully save me from loses/ breaking even more!
I love these navy and pink ones, and how adorable would they look with my PFG and 
baseball hat!

Perfect for keeping you drinks cool anytime your outside this summer!
(Let the koozie obsession begin)

I love this print, and the shoreline tote is sooo perfect for summer.
Not sure I need 3 tote bags though :/

Have Ya'll seen the new
They're nothing short of perfect, 
and my inner republican is practically screaming
 for me to buy this one.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post! 
Comment down below your summer essentials!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

To Do!

The school year is coming to and end, and you know what that means...
Tons to do!!!

>Bring History Grade up to a B
(We'll see how that goes)

> Finish this years dance classes and prepare for the recital

>Pay the $25 I (allegedly) owe the school Library for the book I "lost" 

>Clean room so it doesn't look like a hurricane came through so I can actually have people over this summer!

>Survive the last 6 days of classes I have left :P

>Keep up with this blog! (Not my strong suit the past 3 weeks :/)

>Finish design ing my new room -- See my Pinterest Board

>Look semi tan. hahahaha. We ALL know that's not going to happen

Whelp. I hope you guys semi enjoyed this Lamo post :(
come June 6th, I'm on Summer Vacay, so expect tons of posts!

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