Thursday, August 30, 2012

My favorite Beauty Gurus!

Hey  Guys and Gals!

To day I thought I would do a post dedicated to my favorite Beauty/ Fashion Gurus on Youtube.I'm going to share my favorite gurus as well as some of my favorite videos from them! Although my dream of becoming one didn't pan out, I still love watching other gurus videos! Here are my Faves! (Of course these aren't my only favorite gurus, I have a lot more that might be featured in upcoming posts as well)

Her personality is so sweet and genuine! She has an awesome fashion sense, although it's not quite my style, and she's adorable!

She's adorable as well, and I totally wish I had her closet! Her videos are great and informative, and I'm never left without a laugh.

She's hilarious! her videos are amazing and her hair is freaking gorgeous, although that goes for all the gurus on youtube lol. I always have so much fun watching her videos and she's so genuine and blunt as well. Love her!

IcallItAmbrosia (warning pg13!)
Her videos are hilarious and her makeup is always FLAWLESS. She has an awesome personality and I wish I could do my makeup as well as she does! Her reviews are also so great!


Lauren is so awesome! Her fashion sense is so cool, I wish I could pull off stuff like that! she also does awesome fitness videos, and her blog is also awesome!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and like I said, I'm no trying to exclude anyone here, these are just SOME of the gurus I like watching on youtube and that I wanted to share with you guys!

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-Jordan :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back To School: Outfit Planning

Hey Everyone!

Today I'm going to be continuing my back to school series by talking about outfit planning. (I know back to school seasons is kind of over, but I didn't like thinking about it over summer, so I'm only getting around to writing them now ;)

So recently I went back to school shopping (don't worry, you'll see a lot of the pieces in ootw posts) and I thought it would be great to do a back to school fashion post, so in my "everything notebook" which I've talked about in a couple of other posts before. But anyways I started writing down all of the outfits that I came up with for the post. Then realizing that I would rather show the outfits in a different format post, I realized that this was a very good idea. Basically in the morning, I would roll out of bed and look at my notebook. I chose an outfit and put it on. You don't have to set it out the night before, but you don't have to create one in the morning. Best Idea ever! :)

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-Jordan :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Prepare for Your Haircut!

Hola friends!

I mentioned a few posts back that getting a haircut is the perfect change to get a fresh start! But, you should always go into your appointment prepared so we don't end up looking like this....

Just kidding ;) if you do want this haircut though, that will bring me to my first tip!

1.Bring pictures!
   Bring pictures of what you want your hair to look like. I usually find mine on the internet or in magazines. It's a lot easier for the hairdresser to see what you want rather than you just explaining it to them!

2.If you're getting your hair colored, have a consultation with your hairdresser first!
  When I got my hair highlighted last summer, I had a consultation with my hairdresser beforehand. Although she's been doing my hair for years, I still went in so that we could finalize the color beforehand. This makes things go faster on the actual day, plus you know exactly wheat you're doing to your hair when you get it done.

3.Tell them what you want/ Don't settle
If they're done cutting your hair, and something isn't quite sitting right with you, say something. You don't want a haircut that you don't like. If you want your bangs shorter, tell them before you leave! You're already there, might as well fix it! You won't hurt their feelings. Don't settle either!

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-Jordan :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Easy Party Planning!

Hey Guys!
     For This week's Tip Tuesday, I thought I would do a post about Party Planning. I have a tendency to plan parties that never actually happen ;) I thought I would share some of my favorite party planning tips.

1. Use Powerpoint. I like to use powerpoint's to plan my party. I use 1 slide for each part of the party. For example: People invited, invitations, theme, supplies needed, menu etc.

2. When thinking about who to invite, I often find myself saying: "If I invite her, I have to invite her." That's not true. It's your party! Invite who you want!

3. When planning out your menu, remember; you are most likely teenage girls that could eat an entire pizza by yourself. Plus if you have extra, you can always have it as a midnight snack!

4. If your going to have a sleepover, I would highly suggest planning out where you're going to sleep, and if you have room for all the girls! (it could get a wee bit squishy otherwise ;)

5.It doesn't need to be lavish! If it's just a get together, then you probably don't need 4 dozen balloon bouquets and streams hanging from every available surface.

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-Jordan :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School: Beauty

Hello Er'body!

In today's back to school post, I thought I would address back to school beauty! This includes Hair and Makeup.

Hair can be a touchy subject during the school year. I suggest getting it cut right before school starts (i'm cutting mine this week! :/) This will give you a fresh new look for the new year. I wouldn't suggest anything to drastic or high maintenance, because you probably won't have significant amounts of time at your disposal in the morning to do your hair. Beautybaby44 or Lindsey (from youtube) never fails to make awesome back to school hair videos! I'll post a couple below that you can take a look at. These are perfect for back to school. They all take less than 5 minutes!

Now onto Beauty!

For makeup I suggest keeping it neutral. I tend to go for either concealer and powder, but if i need it, I love my Almay clear complexion foundation. For blush, I tend to go with whatever my heart desires whether it be a cream blush or powder. It really depends on my mood. My go to fall blush is Fame by Ulta. It's a gorgeous reddish brown color. For eyes, you need an eye primer, whether it be the elf eye primer which I used to have and is awesome! or a mac Paint-pot. I personally recommend painterly, but I've heard great things about soft ocher as well. For shadow, I usually stick to my Urban Decay naked pallette. On a day to day basis, I usually go for either Buck or Sin all over the lid. If I use sin, I tend to go for either hustle or toasted in the crease. If I use buck, I take the tiniest bit of smog in the crease. For lips, keep it simple. Go for a light pink gloss (I love ulta's princess).You can also use a stain I like the covergirl ones and benetint. Revlon Lip Butters are also a great option!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Look for more back to school posts coming soon!

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-Jordan :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

High School Freshman Advice

Howday Ya'll!

Here's just my take on what you need to know for your Freshman year of High School. In case you were wondering, I'm going to be a Sophomore in High School (grade 10)

1. Hallway Manners:
 Don't walk the wrong way. go with the flow of the people in the hall. DO NOT GO THE WRONG WAY!
Don't Stop in the middle of the Hallway. NO PDA (public displays of Affection) Don't throw things! It's not nice.

2.Don't make your teacher hate you early on in the Year.
Don't give your teacher a reason to hate you. If they have a grudge against you at the begging of the year, the rest of your year will stink! Don't lie to your teacher! They can tell! Plus, if you really do have a legitimate excuse for not doing your homework ex. headache then they'll cut you some slack. If you do have a reason like that, have your parents e-mail them!

3. Drink Water!
 Bring a water bottle with you to school. You'll stay hydrated which helps your skin which is always a plus side! Plus if you run out of water, you can always re-fill at the water fountain! My personal Favorite is the camelbak. I got one with my school letters on it from my schools book store, but I know target sells them! :)

4. Have an 'Everything' Notebook
This is a notebook where if you need to write anything down, like Christmas lists for example, you can do it here! lolz. But if you're ever bored in class, it's great too have. Personally, I like to write blog post idea's and to do lists!

Have a homework Assignment book, or agenda. Last year I used the one from our school, but this year I purchased a Lily Pulitzer one from If you want me to do a separate post, just on organizing my agenda, comment down below and I'll do one! But I really think that these are essential for keeping all of your events and assignments organized! :)

6. Book Covers
I would highly recommend using book covers on your textbook. They will be easier to pick out among your friends books, and will keep them in better shape which is great if you are going to re-sell them or if you rent them from your school. I always find adorable book covers from Target and Staples!

7. Slugbooks!
Speaking of textbooks, if you get a list of your textbooks before the school year starts, I would highly reccommend utilizing SLugbooks to help ppurchase your textbooks. I know MeghanRosette and Sarahbelle93x did videos mentioning it as well (that's where I heard about it) and I saved a ton of money this year using that site! You can also sell textbooks through that website as well!

8.Don't be a Diva
My freshman year, I was an Idiot. Every little thing my teachers did that annoyed me, I blabbed about. Don't complain to your friends. Nobody wants to hear it. That's what Tumblr's for lolz. ;) But the best advice i can give you is to think to yourself: "Everybody's Human" and "Treat others the way you want to be treated" That way, you can keep yourself from saying things that you'll regret later. Pretty much everything I said my freshman year, I regretted 10 seconds later.

9. I saved this one for last. Procrastination (see what i did there ;)
Don't procrastinate cliche, I know. You're talking to the queen of procrastination. DO NOT LEAVE THINGS UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. you need to overestimate how much time things are going to take. If you think 2 hours, give yourself at least 3, because if you're anything like me, you'll get distracted and start online shopping :)

 I hope this helped! I might do another post of other things I think Might me helpful. So if you have any questions, hit me on twitter! @buttercupJordan or on tumblr! Mine linked at the top of my page :)

As always if you have any questions or post ideas/requests, please fell free to comment down below, e-mail me at, mention me on twiter @ButtercupJordan, or message me on Tumblr! (direct link at the top of my page)

-Jordan :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

We are never ever ever getting back together.

Howdy Hey!

Today I thought I would do a quick post about Taylor Swift's New song. I like it,  but it doesn't sound like Taylor Swift. It seems to me more like an Avril song, or Carly Rae Jepsen. I don't know. What do you guys think?
Also, one of my really good friends from real life made a lyrics video for the song that's really cool! you should check it out! :)

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-Jordan :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jordan Has Fashion ADD. :P

Hello People of the Interwebz.

As you could possibly know. I have diagnosed my self with Style/ Fashion ADD. This kind of goes along with the fact that I get obsessed with Youtube Gurus very easily. I was recently obsessed with Sarahbelle93x, then Prepofthesouth, and now Lolufullyloaded. With each person,  I usually become obsessed with their style, like right now, I would love to go to Brandy Mellville and buy a lot of things. Two days ago, I would have send anything Lilly P. and for the majority of the summer, J.Crew please. Oh well.
Just know this as you're reading my blog though. It might help you understand it/me better ;)

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-Jordan :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bath and Body Works Haul!

Hey ery' one!

Today I stopped at Bath and Body works during their Paris Amour Party in order to get the goodie bag that was being promoted. (which by the way, the first BBW we went to ran out, so we "sprinted" to the other close to me and arrived at 5:04 (4 minutes after the promotion ended) and were told they they were no longer giving out the goodie bags, but we had called ahead so they let us get them anyways! :D)

In order to get the goodie bag, you had to get a full size signature item, so I purchased the Midnight Pomegranate Triple moisture Body Cream. At first I didn't really know which scent to try, but after smelling this one, I immediately wanted to try it! It smells sooo good! This was $12.50 and well worth it. I like these much better than the plain lotion for my body.
I also picked up the Warm apple cider pocket bac for $1.50. This thing smell sooo much like apple cider which is my favorite fall drink, so I was so excited when I smelled this. My cousin Annie Picked this up as well!

Lastly, I was given the "Free Gift" This thing was what I came for! and after all the trouble we went through to get them, it was well worth it! If contained a Sweet cinnamon Pumpkin travel lotion, and Mini Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle (which smells like Heaven!) and a Caramel Apple Pocket back in adorable packaging! So happy I got it! :) Sorry This promotion's over, but the fall body collection I believe will be released in early September! sign up for their mailing list to get e-mails!

Can you tell I'm ready for fall lol? As always if you have any questions or post ideas/requests, please fell free to comment down below, e-mail me at, or message me on Tumblr! (direct link at the top of my page)

-Jordan :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tip Tuesday! Easy Skin Care!

Hello All!

I thought it would be a cool idea to have day of the week posts! Hence the title, Tip Tuesday!
Tip Tuesday's are going to be random tips that I find interesting or helpful about nothing in particular. They could be fashion, skin care, activities, or even something I recommend!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming;)

This Weeks Tip is How to keep up your skin without a 10 minute regimen!

Use makeup wipes every night! You MUST take off your makeup before you go to bed. I guarantee you'll see a difference. Plus makeup wipes are relatively inexpensive! Another tip I have, is to use half the wipe per night! That way you get 2 uses per wipe!
I personally recommend the Yes to Cucumbers brand! They  even smell good! Let me know If you want me to do a review post!

Another way to keep up your skin easily is to wash your face when you're in the shower! Whether it's everyday or every other day, washing your face in the shower saves you some time, and keep your bathroom sink  from looking like it thunder stormed!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! As usual if you have any questions or post idea's, feel free to comment down below, or e-mail me at

Jordan :)

Monday, August 06, 2012

Buttercup Prepster!

Hey guys!
So as you can see, my Blog name has changed! I felt that Buttercup Prepster more encompased my blog rather than buttercupbeauty.

Here is my contact/ links, because some of them have changed!

Twitter(same) @ButtercupJordan

Talk to Ya'll Later!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Preparing for Fall: My current Fashion Cravings

Hey Guys!
Today I wanted to do a post about my current lusting for Fall. Fall is absolutely 100% my favorite season, with winter coming in a marginally close second. Yesterday, okay maybe this morning, I was browsing though the Forever 21 website, and I came across a bunch of absolutely adorable finds. 
1. The collegiate sweater. I have a black one similar to this from aeropostale, and I love it. I wear it all the time, an having a navy one with the adorable letter would make me oh sooo happy!
 2. It's hard to see, but the black sweater in the center has button on the shoulders. I recently saw in the J. Crew catalog that they sell some very similar to these, but this one's only $12! What a steal. I think this would look adorable with a bright colored pashmina and some dark wash skinny jeans.
3. I've always wanted a sweater with patches on the elbows, and I think this one is adorable! nuf said.
4. These ballet flats are so cute and would add so much to a simpler outfit because they're metallic.  I also love how the tip is shinier than the rest of the shoe. So cute!
4. You may find this the most disturbing thing ever said, but I only have 1 pair of skinny jeans. Yup. I simply need at least one pair of these dark wash gems. They're an absolute staple piece for any fall look.
5.This MK watch is one I've been lusting after for a while. I really really want a gold watch, because my only watch is silver and white. (see my instagram for picture) i think the warm golden color could easily pull together any outfit. 
6. This really simple over the knee socks would look adorable peaking out of any pair of boots!
7. I LOVE these riding boots. They look reminiscent of some tory burch ones, but they're only $40 at Target! I can't wait to go and get me some! ;)
Current Fashion Cravings

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 metallic flat

Tan shoes

Michael Kors golden jewelry

Button Shoulder Sweater | FOREVER21 - 2000024988

If you have any questions or post idea's feel free to comment down below, or e-mail me at

Thanks so much!
Jordan! :)